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Philadelphia Internet Marketing - SEO Services Philadelphia Internet Marketing - PA Internet Marketing Company: Creative & Effective Philadelphia Internet Marketing - Search Marketing Strategies need the right combination of Effective Marketing, and Internet Brand Marketing, including Website SEO Services - SEO Marketing and Media Advertising solutions.

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Our Philadelphia Internet Marketing Article - 2012 Internet Marketing Strategies for every New Business - by our Philadelphia Internet Marketing Consultants, reviews various 2012 Internet Marketing - Search Marketing - Website SEO Strategies utilized in helping our clients augment their traditional Brand Marketing Strategies, Media Advertising, PA Video Production and PA Web Design with effective Internet Marketing – Website SEO Services and Social Media Marketing Strategies.

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Internet Marketing - Philadelphia - PA - NJ - 2012 Internet Marketing Strategies For Every New Business

2012 - Internet Marketing Strategies - PA Marketing Agency - PA Advertising Agency
Philadelphia Internet Marketing Article by Stellarpoint Communications Group, Malvern Pa.


PA Internet Marketing - PA Search Marketing: For any company Starting a New Small Business, or even any established business, an effective 2012 Search Marketing - Internet Marketing Strategy is one of the key marketing strategies requiring attention and a great deal of patience. Unlike direct face to face marketing, B2B Telemarketing or Email Marketing Programs, Search Marketing and Internet Marketing success is not dependent on personal relationships. If a new business owner expects to achieve any success in the area of Internet Marketing, including Search MarketingSEO - Search Engine Optimization, he or she first needs to understand one important fact:

Search Engines such as Google® - Yahoo® - Bing® operate under their own set of guidelines. If a new or existing business owner makes a sincere attempt to understand and follow these guidelines, your website has a decent chance of obtaining high search engine rankings.

The focus of this month’s 2012 Internet Marketing article centers around two of the most important search marketing strategies critical to any effective search marketing program: Search Engine Guidelines and Engaging, Current, Informative, and Content Rich Website Content.

Philadelphia Internet Marketing - Website SEO Services - Search Marketing Strategy – Search Engine Guidelines

If one of your Philadelphia Internet Marketing - Website SEO strategies is to rank highly in online search results with the three major search engines and numerous secondary search engines, a business owner first needs to understand the various search engine guidelines and suggestions. Other than their well guarded proprietary algorithms (mathematical formulas for ranking websites based on multiple factors), all the major search engines are very willing to share their Internet Marketing - Website SEO guidelines.

The primary reason Search Engine guidelines are widely publicized is: Search Engines make more advertising revenue by attracting more online users – the higher the quality of their search results, the more online users will choose one search engine over another. Search Engines are looking for more informative websites which appeal to their online end users. While some website owners will play cat and mouse games trying to outmaneuver various search engine guidelines, the Best Philadelphia Internet Marketing - Search Marketing Strategy for any business begins with understanding these search engine guidelines and then following them as closely as possible.

Internet Marketing Philadelphia - PA - NJ - NY - Search Engine GuidelineS - Google® - Yahoo® - Bing®

Google® - Search Engine - Search Marketing Guidelines
Yahoo® – Search Engine Content Quality Guidelines
Yahoo® – Improve Search Ranking - Guidelines
Bing® - Search Engine Guidelines – Search Marketing Suggestions

While many of these search engine - internet marketing guidelines appear technical in nature, every person responsible for their company’s internet marketing and search marketing efforts, including “one person” business owners, should take the time to understand these guidelines. The reasons are obvious if you are starting a new business; however, even if you are working with a Philadelphia Internet Marketing Consultant, a good understanding of these search marketing guidelines will only enhance your internet marketing program.

Philadelphia Internet Marketing - Website Speed - Website Performance Strategies & Tools

As companies start to focus on their 2012 Philadelphia Internet Marketing Strategies, they should keep in mind that Google has recently announced Website Speed & Performance will play a higher role in the search engine rankings going into 2012. Stellarpoint's Website Speed - Website Performance Strategies & Tools can help your Small Business Website improve it's website download speed - leading to better user experiences for website visitors.

Search Marketing Strategy – Small Business Web Design Strategies - Website Content – Title Tag – Description Tag

Many new business owners are only thinking about one thing when creating their website content – What will potential internet marketing customers think of my business when they look at my website? Obviously, this should be a major concern for any new or existing business owner; however, there are three internet marketing customers of any website who should never be ignored – Google®, Yahoo®, and Bing®. Unless obtaining access to new online users is not a critical part of your overall internet marketing strategy, the three major search engines have to initially judge your website content as credible and informative before any new online user ever sees it.

Small Business Web Design and Website Content begins with three simple yet absolutely critical text areas: The Title Tag, Description Tag, and The Keyword Tag. The keyword text contained in these three areas, all of which reside in the code section of any website, gives every search engine their first look at what an end user should expect to see when they view your website. While various internet marketing & search marketing professionals often debate the importance of the keyword tag, every search marketing expert will tell you the "Title Tag" and the "Description Tag" are an absolute necessity for any website expecting to be included in major Search Engine Results. A business owner can find numerous internet sources providing explanations of Title Tags and Description Tags just by searching one of the major search engines for, “Title Tag - Description Tag”. Initially, a good first start is to look at Google® – Title & Description Tags

Philadelphia Search Marketing Strategy: Engaging - Content Rich - Informative - Current - Website Content

Let’s face it – Website Content is the Website!

After understanding all the various Search Engine Guidelines and taking the appropriate steps to make sure certain SEO Tags have been populated with appropriate text, the content included in the body of any website determines whether the website can be considered a successful internet marketing – advertising tool or just some electronic document a business owner can tell people they own.

In order for any website to be a successful internet marketing - search marketing tool, your website content needs to be engaging, content rich, informative and current. The formula is a simple one yet there are many new business owners who are only interested in having their website “Look Engaging”. While every website should be original, creatively designed and appealing to online users, an engaging website provides content to both end users and search engines which is content rich, informative and continually kept current.

Before any new business owner devotes any internet marketing - search marketing efforts to the actual content contained in their website, they should first develop a key word strategy for the site. What are the key words or phrases which should be included on the site? How much internet marketing traffic can be obtained by using these terms? By utilizing Google’s Keyword Tool®, you will be able to get a better idea of which search marketing terms receive the most online internet marketing traffic. Once an appropriate keyword strategy has been developed for your site, you will then be in a much better position to develop content rich and informative website content.

 Two very important final points should also be part of your initial internet marketing - search marketing strategy. First, content rich and informative does “NOT” mean over utilized keyword content. Your website content must make sense to end users. By improving the online end user’s experience with your website, you are actually gaining search marketing credibility with various search engines, which ultimately leads to higher search engine rankings. Second, both online end users and search engines tend to gravitate towards “current web content”. If any business owner expects return visitors to their website, they should establish a consistent internet marketing program for updating the content of their website.

These basic internet marketing strategies related to effective search marketing only scratch the surface of any successful search marketing – internet marketing strategy; however, they are both critical for any new or existing business owner interested in improving their long term search rankings as part of an overall internet marketing strategy.


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